Author Kit


Please make sure that all the following steps are performed until Thursday, July 27:

  1. Every paper must have a completed ACM rights management form.
    Instructions for completing the ACM rights management form will be sent via an automated system in a separate email. The rights form will be sent to the first corresponding author as identified by your EasyChair submission. Please monitor your SPAM or JUNK folder for an email from “<>”. Please modify the ACM rights form, if necessary, to ensure that your author list, author emails, and paper title are correct.

  2. Add to your paper the ACM rights text and bibliographic strip you receive after completing the rights form.

  3. Ensure that your paper conforms to the ACM Proceedings Template ( Please be sure to include Keywords, Computing Classification System categories (, bibliographic line, and rights text as indicated in the proceedings template.

  4. To submit your final camera-ready documents, send an email to<> with the paper’s title as the email’s subject and with both the PDF file and the source files of your paper attached. The PDF file must have all fonts embedded in it. The source files should be in Microsoft Word or LaTeX format. For LaTeX, please ZIP the source files together and include all media files.